Best Hotels in Copenhagen

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We Rank The Best Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the most fun of the three Scandinavian capitals: its culinary scene is world-famous, the nightlife is raucous and the city’s compact size ensures that you’re never more than a short bike ride away from anywhere. The city is laid-back and cool, not swanky and glamorous. Expect accommodations to be in small boutique hotels with warm and friendly service that is never formal or over-the-top.

1. Nimb Hotel

Streetside, the Nimb looks just like any other hotel with only an Islamic-style pattern in light grey over a white background hinting at what lies on the other side: an illuminated Moorish-style story-book castle overlooking Tivoli Gardens. This “gourmet palace” has been at the center of Copenhagen’s food scene for more than one hundred years and continues with that tradition today with six restaurants, one of which has received a Michelin star, showcasing some …