Best Places to try Swedish Vodka & Other Spirits with a Discounted Code

Most people don’t really think of Sweden as a place to tour working distilleries, but you have likely seen one of their products in just about any bar or liquor store in the world: Absolut. Absolut is the most well known Swedish vodka, created by Lars Olssen Smith in 1879. If you enjoy trying new cocktails, Sweden is an excellent country to visit and you can do so for less by using a discounted code when booking your travel arrangements. And it’s not just vodka, you could also try out their whisky, gin, and absinthe if you are adventurous!

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use a discounted code to visit Skane

See where Absolut is made

Absolute is made in the southern Swedish region of Skåne (pronounced ‘Scania’) using exclusively grain from the same region. The area is quite beautiful with loads of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. There are two Absolut distilleries in this region, one is in Åhus and the other in Nöbbelöv. Both are charming small towns, however Åhus also has the Absolut Home where Lars Olssen Smith lived. You can book a tour and learn about the history of the company as well as it’s modern day operations. The house also features a bar where you can sample an amazing array of expertly crafted cocktails, and even learn to shake up your own Cosmopolitan! They offer cocktail making classes that are a lot of fun. There is an excellent restaurant on-site as well, I recommend making an evening of it.

The best gin in the world: Hernö Gin

Again, you may not think of Sweden as being in the top echelon of Gin producers, but in fact they do have the number one gin in the entire world. There is a village called Dala in northern Sweden which is home to the Hernö Gin distillery that produces the awarding winning gin. In fact, they are the most decorated gin brand in all of Europe, and they only started in 2012! The distillery in Dala is open for tours, tastings, and cocktail workshops. Please make a booking ahead of time. Although they are not currently running any due to the Covid pandemic, they typically offer a wide variety of events where you would get the opportunity to taste and try out different cocktails using their gin. I expect that will resume again once it is safe to do so. For now your small group is welcome to book tastings of either 5 or 6 of their gins, each tasting session is approximately 2 hours.

Spirit of Hven hotel & distillery

The Spirit of Hven is in a truly beautiful location, on an island between the coasts of Denmark and Sweden. Not only are they a distillery that produces some wonderful whisky, gin, and vodka, they are also a four star hotel & resort. No need to worry about getting back to your hotel after a tasting, you will already be there! They have both a restaurant and a pub on location, and of course a bar where you can learn to create your own unique cocktails using their spirits. You can take a look at the cocktail menu on their website, there are many delicious sounding drinks available. Please note that there are no bridges to Hven Island, you must travel by sea.