Log Cabin Holidays in Scotland

The draw of major UK cities like London, Edinburgh and Belfast don’t appeal to everybody, and retreating to the countrysides of the United Kingdom has always been a classic traveling option for those seeking wholesome, nature-filled peace and quiet.


Nestled away in the fields and woods of Scotland are log cabins that epitomize the ambiance of a relaxing, secluded holiday. Whether you’re planning your next hiking or fishing trip, or are simply looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle of city life, renting and lodging in one of Scotland’s many log cabins may be the option for you.

What are log cabins all about?

There are different types of atmospheres a person can find when lodging in a Scottish log cabin. Lodgers have their choosing to stay in a log cabin that’s tucked away along the sea, in the woods, in remote Scottish villages, or up in the hills.  

Log cabins have kitchens, toilets, sofas, and beds. Some log cabins include log burners for your bonfires, and nowadays, free wi-fi. They’re a step up from outdoor camping, and since they include kitchens, and often times washers and dryers too, campers can cook and clean as they please, free of stress and monetary constraints.

They’re a cost-effective way to travel with larger groups and families. Being out in the Scottish wilderness means there are less people around, less restaurants to eat in, and less places to go and spend money at. Lodging will require that you prepare and grocery shop beforehand, but this saves money, requires less planning and less time driving your rental car, and ultimately, more time to relax.

We even booked some cabins and activities using a hidden room rate promotion from Hotwire. We naturally used coupons to get in the spirit of living in Scotland. The locals will never forgive you for paying full price.

So where are the best areas in Scotland to lodge in a log cabin…?

The Scottish Highlands

This mountainous region lies in northern Scotland and is the Gaelic-speaking part of the country. The highest peak in all of the British Isles, Ben Nevis, is located here. This is an ideal location for those adventurous mountain climbers and hikers. The Abernethy Forest is also great for hiking, and nearby is the quaint village of Nethy Bridge should hikers want to grab a bite to eat and chat with the locals.

Dumfries and Galloway


Bordering England, Dumfries and Galloway is an area nestled in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. It’s located along the sea and is ideal for water activities. The area is known for its population of rare amphibians. Mountain biking is also a popular activity in the area.

The Hebrides

The Hebrides are a series of over 100 islands in the northernmost part of the Scottish Highlands. The area thrives on the fishing, oil, and crofting (small-scale food production) industries, as well as a new and growing renewable energy movement.

Already daydreaming about lodging up in the Scottish countryside?

Most log cabins will require that you stay a minimum number of nights (usually 3-5 nights). Most likely you’ll need a rental car to get to your destination. But if you’re ready for a relaxing vacation in the most authentic areas of Scotland, you’re only a drive from your cozy home-away-from-home.

You can learn more about log cabin vacations here: https://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/scotland/