Top travel Tips to Survive the Long Flight to Scandinavia

Traveling is one of the most popular activities of people all over the world. To get anywhere, from Chicago to Los Angeles or from Paris to Berlin, a few hours of flying are often required. However, if you are planning to visit Norway or Finland in this summer, that might take long-haul flights on the sky, which can be very stressful for your body and mind. Embarking on the 10-14 hour flight can be an arduous experience for anyone.

However, a careful plan and preparation can make these trips less than agreeable. Below are top travel tips to survive the long flight to Scandinavia. We have offers to help you buy comfy clothes for your flights (and sweaters for the Nordic countries), but you’ll need more than that to get ready.

1. Get your body well-prepared. discount codesThe days before a long-haul flight, you should spend some time stretching or walking at the gym to prepare for having a sitting position in nearly 12 hours. Make sure that you rest and sleep well too. Somebody chooses not to sleep to be exhausted before a flight so they can sleep well on the plane. However, this can backfire.

2. Choose the right seat.

It is advisable to get into the plane ahead of time and choose a suitable seat. Whether you prefer to seat near the wing, want to reach the bathroom easier with an aisle or a want a window seat for better sleeping, check in early is the best option to select your favorite seat.

3. Prepare backup entertainment.

Before each flight, it is a good idea to lead your phone, tablet or computer with additional e-books, movies, and music in case the plane does not offer any interesting options. In most cases, a real book or travel magazine can be a good choice to give your eyes a short break from spending time on digital screen.

4. Good Quality Noise-Cancelling Headphones Are a Godsend.

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And noise-cancelling headphones are a life-saver. Active noise-cancellation headphones will block out the engine noise, allowing you to read or watch a movie in peace. Sure, you can turn your movie up to try and drown out the noise of the jet engines, but so much noise accosting your ears on a long journey is exhausting (and stressful).

While NC (noise-cancelling) headphones tend to run about $300 each, there are some great sub-$100 models out.

Tight-fitting shirts, stiff jeans or waistbands which dig in are bad options for a long-haul flight. In these case, who are you really trying to impress? So if you need to look stylish when stepping off the airplane, it is better to carry a change of clothes along such as a T-shirt, loose-fitting pants or leggings. Also, wearing layers might help as it can make you feel chilly while the body temperature would fluctuate on the plane.

6. Bring fruits or snacks.

Even though there are often meals and a few snacks available on the airplane, it is a good idea to bring something on your own, even when it is just some crackers, pieces of fruit or peanut butter. By doing this, you can still meet your hunger when these meals do not make your stomach happy.

7. Pack a blanket or pillow.

It is challenging to doze off if you feel cold or your head lolls all over the seat. Therefore, a small blanket can be a good way to keep you cozy, while a traveling neck pillow will support your neck and heck for a comfortable experience.

8. Keep your body clean.

A clean face and brushed teeth can play an important role in determining your sense of comfort and wellbeing during a long-haul flight. So make sure to bring a little set with facial wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, deodorant, and comb for freshening in the flight.