Best Boutique Hotels in Sweden – Plus a Free Expedia Coupon!

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The Top Swedish Hotels Ranked.

Sweden is a land of many different faces that allows for a multitude of experiences: watching the northern lights and dogsledding in the Swedish Lapland to the north, alpine skiing in the mountains of central Sweden or feeling the cosmopolitan pulse of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo in the south. The more outdoorsy experiences are everything but rugged: expect the most luxurious accommodations even in hotels located in the middle of the wilderness.

1. Tree Hotel:

A far cry from your childhood neighbor’s tree house, each one of the six luxury tree rooms at the Tree Hotel has been designed by a different architect to create six different experiences. The structures resemble everything from a bird’s nest to a UFO with the most popular one being the Mirrorcube, which features walls made out of reflective glass. In true Scandinavian fashion, the Tree Hotel is very green, very eco-friendly and seeks to include locals into it’s life. No trees were chopped down or damaged during construction, the materials used have minimal environmental impact, the cabins are very water and energy efficient and people from nearby communities were involved in the construction process and are the ones who provide the hotel’s services. The interior of the cabins is every bit of luxurious and modern you’ll expect from a Swedish hotel and includes high-end design pieces for you to lounge around in. If you ever feel like leaving your room; there’s dog sledding, ice fishing, ice dining on a tent on top of a frozen lake, an outdoor heated tub for two, excursions to meet the Sami and a northern lights photography class.
Edeforsvägen 2A, 960 24 Harads, Sweden. Cabins start at around 4.000 SEK/night

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2. Ice Hotel

In 2014, the original Ice Hotel celebrated 25 years of being one the top 10 experiences on almost everybody’s travel bucket list. The hotel is truly labor of love: it’s built every year from November to January and melts away in the spring and artists from all over the world apply for a chance to design and sculpt one of the hotel’s Art Suites.
sweden icehotel

Every inch of the hotel, from the walls and the furniture to the Ice Bar and the Ice Church, is sculpted from a combination of snow and ice and every incarnation of the hotel is different from the last one. You may choose from two types of accommodations at the Ice Hotel: warm or ice. Warm rooms are heated and look just like regular Scandinavian hotel rooms while ice rooms are made of actual ice and are not heated. If you wish to stay in one of the ice rooms, the hotel will provide a one-person or a two-person sleeping bag to keep you warm while you sleep. Ice Hotel has teamed up with the Aurora Sky Station to organize trips for its guests to see the northern lights in the Abisko National Park, considered to be one of the best places to view the northern lights because of its location and because its dry weather prevents cloud formation.

Marknadsvägen 63, 981 91 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Ice rooms start at 2.900 SEK/night, Art Suites at 4.200 SEK/night and warm rooms at 1.725 SEK/night

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3. Copperhill Mountain Lodge

copperhill sweden hotel

Designed by the man behind the Apple stores and consistently ranked as one of the world’s best ski resorts, Copperhill Mountain Lodge is currently the only alpine design hotel. Located at the top of Mount Förberget it has Scandinavia’s largest and most popular skiing destination, Åre, at its doorstep. The hotel’s design is an updated and upscale interpretation of a classic ski resort. Rooms and common areas are very luxurious and combine wood, fur and stone textures with metallic details in copper tones as a nod to the copper mine that once stood in the same place. Ski in/ski out access means that going skiing is as simple as strapping on a pair of skis and stepping out the door and a multitude of hiking trails surround the property. If for some reason you don’t feel like hitting the slopes, you can soak up and relax in the spa or pool, both of which have panoramic views of the surrounding peaks.

Åre Björnen 83013 Åre, Sweden. Double rooms start at around 1.430 SEK/night and suites at 1.700 SEK/night.

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4. Solhyllan Log Cabins

The cabins at Solhyllan are not your average rustic-looking shacks; they are wooden chalets with saunas, outdoor Jacuzzis, full kitchens and enough room to house 8-10 guests. The interiors are stylish and modern with just the right amount of rustic details lest you forget you’re in a cabin. Solhyllan is part of the greater Björkliden Mountain Resort set amidst the icy northern Swedish Lapland. The resort is a popular winter destination and it provides its guests the chance to ski north of the Artic Circle on Sweden’s third largest vertical drop. Since Björkliden Resort sits right on the edge of the Abisko National Park, you’re guaranteed to score some pretty impressive sights of the northern lights right from your cabin’s balcony.
Björklidenvägen 70, 981 93 Björkliden, Sweden. Cabins start at 1.090 SEK/night.

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5. Upper House

Upper House owes its name to it’s unique location: it occupies the top floors of the Gothia Towers in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city. Traditionally an industrial city with the shipping industry at the center of its economic life, Gothenburg has exploded in popularity in the last few years as a more laid-back and more authentically Swedish alternative to Stockholm. The hotel is quintessentially Swedish with a few brightly colored accents bringing some interest to the muted palette. Large windows in all of the hotel’s spaces provide you with a chance to enjoy the views from your rooms, the restaurant and bar, lounge areas, the two indoor pools and the outdoor heated pool.
Gothenburg’s thriving culinary scene, based on some of the best seafood Sweden has to offer, has garnered the attention of foodies and travelers worldwide in the last few years. Upper House takes full advantage of this with one of the hotel’s main attractions being a gourmet restaurant with a secret six-course menu that changes every night housed within its glass walls.

25, Gothia Towers, Mässans gata 24, 402 26 Göteborg, Sweden. Superior rooms start at around 2.600 SEK/night.

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