Best Places to try Swedish Vodka & Other Spirits with a Discounted Code

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Most people don’t really think of Sweden as a place to tour working distilleries, but you have likely seen one of their products in just about any bar or liquor store in the world: Absolut. Absolut is the most well known Swedish vodka, created by Lars Olssen Smith in 1879. If you enjoy trying new cocktails, Sweden is an excellent country to visit and you can do so for less by using a discounted code when booking your travel arrangements. And it’s not just vodka, you could also try out their whisky, gin, and absinthe if you are adventurous!

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Best Boutique Hotels in Sweden – Plus a Free Expedia Coupon!

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An Expedia Coupon Code To Sweeten the Temptation to Visit Sweden.

Even though Swedish hotels will cost more than your average European stay, you can use coupon codes from Expedia to save around 40% off the regular price. You can also use the currency converter located in the sidebar to figure out the true cost of Swedish hotel stays in your local currency. If you plan on renting a car while there (you don’t need to, the public transportation system is excellent) you can usually find the best rates at

The Top Swedish Hotels Ranked.

Sweden is a land of many different faces that allows for a multitude of experiences: watching the northern lights and dogsledding in the Swedish Lapland to the north, alpine skiing in the mountains of central Sweden or feeling the cosmopolitan pulse of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo in the south. The more outdoorsy experiences are …

Top travel Tips to Survive the Long Flight to Scandinavia discount codes

Traveling is one of the most popular activities of people all over the world. To get anywhere, from Chicago to Los Angeles or from Paris to Berlin, a few hours of flying are often required. However, if you are planning to visit Norway or Finland in this summer, that might take long-haul flights on the sky, which can be very stressful for your body and mind. Embarking on the 10-14 hour flight can be an arduous experience for anyone.

However, a careful plan and preparation can make these trips less than agreeable. Below are top travel tips to survive the long flight to Scandinavia. We have offers to help you buy comfy clothes for your flights (and sweaters for the Nordic countries), but you’ll need more than that to get ready.

1. Get your body well-prepared.

The days before a long-haul flight, you should spend some time stretching or walking …

Crystal Plaza Hotel: A Profile

An Historic Hotel on a Budget.

The Crystal Plaza is a clean and welcoming no-frills hotel with a great location right between Östermalm and Norrmalm in Birger Jarlsgatan. The area, better known as Stureplan, is Stockholm’s main shopping and nightlife hub where you’ll find some of the city’s best shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s an upscale and exciting neighborhood and, although it doesn’t have many tourist attractions asides from shopping, clubs and dining, it’s a pleasant short walk away from Old Town, the Stockholm harbor, and the northernmost part of Södermalm.

Sites that currently have sales for the Crystal Plaza:


Built for the Swedish YMCA in 1895, the structure that currently houses the Crystal Plaza was originally meant to serve as lodgings in the Stockholm city center for young male travelers belonging to the association. It was later turned into a hotel for the general public …

Best Hotels in Stockholm

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The Top Stockholm Hotels Ranked.

Stockholm is a city of impeccable taste. Nowhere else will you find fashion, art, food, music and architecture brought to such high levels and paired at the same time with the casual, modest and self-deprecating attitude that is the hallmark of Swedes. Here the old truly coexists with the new: ultra-modern interiors are housed in colorful and baroque historical buildings and the city embraces the latest and most forward ideas in art, technology and politics while staying true to its roots.

1. Nobis Hotel

Impossibly posh, sublimely beautiful and steeped in history, the Nobis occupies the building that formerly housed the bank where the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was coined after a robbery and hostage crisis. It’s sleek and modern design and hushed glamour bestow the Nobis with an air of Grand Hotel of the 21st century. Swedish architectural firm Claeson Koivisto Rune took inspiration in …