Log Cabin Holidays in Scotland


The draw of major UK cities like London, Edinburgh and Belfast don’t appeal to everybody, and retreating to the countrysides of the United Kingdom has always been a classic traveling option for those seeking wholesome, nature-filled peace and quiet.

Nestled away in the fields and woods of Scotland are log cabins that epitomize the ambiance of a relaxing, secluded holiday. Whether you’re planning your next hiking or fishing trip, or are simply looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle of city life, renting and lodging in one of Scotland’s many log cabins may be the option for you.

What are log cabins all about?

There are different types of atmospheres a person can find when lodging in a Scottish log cabin. Lodgers have their choosing to stay in a log cabin that’s tucked away along the sea, in the woods, in remote Scottish villages, or up in the hills.  

Log cabins have …