Top travel Tips to Survive the Long Flight to Scandinavia discount codes

Traveling is one of the most popular activities of people all over the world. To get anywhere, from Chicago to Los Angeles or from Paris to Berlin, a few hours of flying are often required. However, if you are planning to visit Norway or Finland in this summer, that might take long-haul flights on the sky, which can be very stressful for your body and mind. Embarking on the 10-14 hour flight can be an arduous experience for anyone.

However, a careful plan and preparation can make these trips less than agreeable. Below are top travel tips to survive the long flight to Scandinavia. We have offers to help you buy comfy clothes for your flights (and sweaters for the Nordic countries), but you’ll need more than that to get ready.

1. Get your body well-prepared.

The days before a long-haul flight, you should spend some time stretching or walking …

Best Hotels in Oslo

oslo norway the thief hotel

A person’s hotel preferences can vary from day to day. Sometimes you want the best hotel money can buy. Other times, you get the best you can with a promo code for Orbitz and just hope you get something you can sleep on. But when you travel to Oslo, Norway, it’s worth paying extra just for the beautiful architecture.

Well on its way into becoming one of Europe’s major cultural hubs, Oslo is a world-class city that holds art and nature very dear in its heart. Here, artwork can be found everywhere, from ultra contemporary conceptual pieces tucked away in modern art galleries to the raw emotion of the human figures at Frogner Park, and forests, parks, hiking trails and waterfalls are never more than a short walk or drive away.

The Thief

Considering the large art collection housed within its walls, The Thief’s name may at first seem like …

Best Hotels in Norway

juvet hotel - holidaycityscan

We Rank The Best Norwegian Hotels.

Communion with nature is an essential part of the Norwegian identity and with good reason: the country occupies one of the most spectacular, scenic and unspoiled pieces of land in the planet. People in Norway favor rustic accommodations in bucolic settings over luxurious retreats and it is very common for families to own cottages in the countryside or in the mountains. Most hotel accommodations Norway reflect these ideals and are oftentimes very simple with the most important luxury being not missing a single second of the show nature has put on outside. You’d expect nothing more from a nation that claims to be “Powered by nature”.

1. Juvet Landscape Hotel

Leave it to the Norwegians to figure out a way to be as close as possible to being outside even when they are indoors. At the Landscape Hotel, only a glass wall stands between …