Top travel Tips to Survive the Long Flight to Scandinavia discount codes

Traveling is one of the most popular activities of people all over the world. To get anywhere, from Chicago to Los Angeles or from Paris to Berlin, a few hours of flying are often required. However, if you are planning to visit Norway or Finland in this summer, that might take long-haul flights on the sky, which can be very stressful for your body and mind. Embarking on the 10-14 hour flight can be an arduous experience for anyone.

However, a careful plan and preparation can make these trips less than agreeable. Below are top travel tips to survive the long flight to Scandinavia. We have offers to help you buy comfy clothes for your flights (and sweaters for the Nordic countries), but you’ll need more than that to get ready.

1. Get your body well-prepared.

The days before a long-haul flight, you should spend some time stretching or walking …

Best Hotels in Denmark

hotel oasia denmark

Our Top Picks For Hotels in Denmark.

Although not a well-known seaside holiday destination, Denmark is home to some of the best beaches in Europe with plenty of sandy stretches for you to lay your towel or chair in and soak up some serious rays. With a mostly flat landscape dominated by sandy beaches in the coasts and lush forests in the central areas and summers with more light and warmth than Sweden or Norway, the happiest country in the world is best seen on a sunny day from a bike.

1. Hotel Oasia

Black, white, clean and oh-so-Danish, the most important thing at the Oasia are actually the chairs. The hotel features creations by Danish, Swedish, German and Dutch designers and has ‘Design Rooms’ dedicated to each one. Everything is set against a monochrome background with plenty of light streaming through large windows in rooms and common spaces. When …

Best Hotels in Copenhagen

nimb hotel - best copenhagen hotels

We Rank The Best Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the most fun of the three Scandinavian capitals: its culinary scene is world-famous, the nightlife is raucous and the city’s compact size ensures that you’re never more than a short bike ride away from anywhere. The city is laid-back and cool, not swanky and glamorous. Expect accommodations to be in small boutique hotels with warm and friendly service that is never formal or over-the-top.

1. Nimb Hotel

Streetside, the Nimb looks just like any other hotel with only an Islamic-style pattern in light grey over a white background hinting at what lies on the other side: an illuminated Moorish-style story-book castle overlooking Tivoli Gardens. This “gourmet palace” has been at the center of Copenhagen’s food scene for more than one hundred years and continues with that tradition today with six restaurants, one of which has received a Michelin star, showcasing some …