Best Hotels in Stockholm

The Top Stockholm Hotels Ranked.

Stockholm is a city of impeccable taste. Nowhere else will you find fashion, art, food, music and architecture brought to such high levels and paired at the same time with the casual, modest and self-deprecating attitude that is the hallmark of Swedes. Here the old truly coexists with the new: ultra-modern interiors are housed in colorful and baroque historical buildings and the city embraces the latest and most forward ideas in art, technology and politics while staying true to its roots.

1. Nobis Hotel

nobis hotel stockholm sweden
Impossibly posh, sublimely beautiful and steeped in history, the Nobis occupies the building that formerly housed the bank where the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was coined after a robbery and hostage crisis. It’s sleek and modern design and hushed glamour bestow the Nobis with an air of Grand Hotel of the 21st century. Swedish architectural firm Claeson Koivisto Rune took inspiration in the shades of whites and greys, soft lighting and rough textures that are hallmarks of Nordic winters to create spaces that breathes cleanliness and tranquility. All of the rooms have views of either the city or one of the hotel’s courtyards and the lobby is a spectacular space with a ceiling almost 30 meters high that has been named “Stockholm’s Living Room”.

Norrmalmstorg 2-4, 111 86 Stockholm, Sweden. Standard Queen rooms start at 1.512 SEK/night

2. Hotel Rival

The story of the Rival goes like this: a member of ABBA decided to renovate a 1930’s movie theater in the Södermalm district and turn it into a hotel. The result was a combination of dramatic art deco style with fun Swedish touches and multiple references to music and movies. The hotel’s décor reflects the artsiness of the nearby Söderlmalm neighborhood with an atmosphere that’s stylish without ever taking itself too seriously: there are teddy bears, movies and music CD’s in each room and, while the décor downstairs is on the heavier side, bedrooms are pleasantly simple and light. In honor of the building’s past incarnation as a cinema, all rooms are decorated with movie stills from classic Swedish cinema and there is an in-house 700-seat theater, which has become a popular venue for shows, film festivals and concerts. Hotel Rival sits right in the center of Stockholm’s super young and trendy Södermalm district where you can enjoy some of the city’s best restaurants and cafés, vintage shopping and a bohemian and toned-down nightlife.

Mariatorget 3, 118 91 Stockholm, Sweden. Standard rooms start at 2.990 SEK/night.

3. Lydmar Hotel

The Lydmar strives to deliver easy-going luxury by offering five-star hotel amenities and services in a setting that eschews the extremes of over-the-top opulence or the cold and too-cool-for-school attitude many similar hotels have fallen prey to. The hotel is luxuriously warm and homey and looks very much like staying the home of a bookish and well-traveled intellectual with books and curiosities lined up on shelves, stacked up on tables in common areas and casually strewn about the rooms. Located right next to the Grand Hotel, it offers the same spectacular views of the Stockholm waterfront with a much more youthful and relaxed take on what modern hospitality is all about.

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, 103 24 Stockholm, Sweden. Classic rooms start at 2.995 SEK/night.

4. Miss Clara

Miss Clara was the headmistress of the girl’s school that was formerly housed in this renovated Art Noveau building in the quieter Normalm district. The space is an exercise in understated luxury with a sensible blend of modern Swedish design and Art Noveau accents that pay subtle homage to the building’s history. A palette of black accents and dark wooden floors set against a minimalist white background and big windows keep rooms airy and from feeling claustrophobic. Hotel Miss Clara breathes an air of modern luxury, which is more about what isn’t in a space than what’s in it.

Sveavägen 48, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden

5. Hotel Diplomat

Hotel Diplomat started out as a small hotel that shared the building with embassies from a number of countries in the 1930’s and became one of the most well-known and luxurious hotels of the Swedish capital. The hotel’s heritage is still kept alive today, yet it feels everything but dated with rooms and common areas reflecting the very best of Scandinavian design while staying true to the Diplomat’s Art Deco roots. Overlooking the Stockholm harbor, the Royal Palace and Gamla Stan, it’s located in the swanky Strandvägen Boulevard and counts the Grand Hotel and the Lydmar Hotel as neighbors. Boats into the Stockholm Archipielago depart from the harbor to take you around the hundreds of islands that are part of the city and a favorite fishing, swimming, hiking and camping spot of Stockholmers during the summer months.

Strandvägen 7C, 104 40 Stockholm, Sweden
Standard rooms start at 1.665 SEK/night.

6. Berns

The Berns has been at the epicenter of Stockholm’s entertainment scene since it opened in 1863 and has hosted the likes of Edith Piaf, Dianna Ross, Rihanna and Bob Dylan both as guests and as performers in its renowned concert hall. The hotel itself is very fashion forward combining elements of Scandinavian cool with classic Italian opulence to create an atmosphere that is glamorous without crossing into the tacky. Its location in Stockholm’s downtown area makes it super accessible to the Stureplan shopping district or to stumble into after a night of epic partying. Just in case you needed another reason to stay out late: the Berns has an offer that includes VIP wristbands to many of the nearby clubs asides from a late check out and a complimentary Virgin Mary the next morning to help you nurse that nasty hangover.

Näckströmsgatan 8, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden. Standard rooms start at 1.190 SEK/night.

7. HTL Kungsgatan

HTL Kungsgatan’s fun and cheeky design with bright colors, quirky patterns and neon-lighted typographic accents make it the most Instagram-ready hotel you’ll ever stay in. All rooms look the same, regardless of price point, and are thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and space without sacrificing aesthetics. Taking a cue from hostels, HTL Kungsgatan emphasizes communal spaces over the oftentimes solitary confinement that staying in a hotel can bring with plenty of areas for socializing and people watching such as an outdoor bar and restaurant, a 24-hour lounge in the lobby with a communal work space, coffee shop and a bar with a live DJ at night.

Kungsgatan 53, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden. Double rooms start at 899 SEK/night