Best Hotels in Helsinki

We Rank The Top Helsinki Hotels.

The meteoric rise of the tech industry coupled with forward-thinking social policies have turned Finland into one of the world’s smartest and most advanced countries and Helsinki into one of Europe’s coolest capitals. Once a drab and grey place, Helsinki now stands at the cutting edge of technology, art and design while staying true to its historical identity. In a place whose cultural life revolves around the arts, expect your accommodations to showcase nothing but the best of contemporary Nordic design.

1. Klaus K

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With a name and décor inspired by the epic of Kelavala, the Klaus K is one stylish lesson in Finnish folklore and culture. The story is alluded multiple times throughout the hotel’s design and décor, although it is used more as a jumping point than a literal motif. References are subtle and tasteful with the more obvious ones being saved for the common areas such as the corridor’s carpeting, which narrates the passage of the creation. The names and themes of the rooms hint at the intense emotions that are represented in the stories and characters of the Kelavala: mystical, passion, desire and envy. An illuminated glass staircase, warm colors, golden details and moody lighting emanating from a collection of impressive fixtures and chandeliers create the whimsical and dramatic atmosphere of a modern fairytale.

Bulevardi 2, 00120 Helsinki, Finland. Double rooms start at 124€/night.

2. Hotel Kämp

Overlooking the Esplanadi Park, Hotel Kämp is Finland’s only true five-star hotel and an institution in Helsinki that has been open for over 125 years. Recently renovated, it combines the old-world glamour of a classic grand hotel with modern amenities and design. Rooms feature marble bathrooms and classic furniture with contemporary beds and some of the larger suites include their own sauna. The luxurious Kämp bar, with its dainty chandeliers and dark wooden finishes, is popular with guests and locals alike for a dressed-up drink steeped in history and glamour.

Pohjoisesplanadi 29, 00100 Helsinki, Finland. Deluxe rooms start at 180€/night.

3. Hotel Fabian

Hotel Fabian aims to be a ‘home away from home’ for its visitors. Instead of barren and minimalist, the spaces look comfy and inviting with black and white graphics and pops of lime bringing life into the muted palette. Bedrooms are much more spacious than the hallmark cramped accommodations of hotels elsewhere in Scandinavia and feel almost like small studio apartments. Common areas have a living room-chic look with plenty of warm lighting, books and plush seating. The hotel sits in a quiet neighborhood outside of the city center yet is still at walking distance from all of Helsinki’s main attractions.

Fabiansgatan 7, 00130 Helsingfors, Finland. Comfort rooms start at around 130€/night.

4. Hotel Indigo

Set in the Punavuori area of Helsinki’s design district, Hotel Indigo aims to reflect the best of the surrounding neighborhood and the city itself by showcasing local artists, produce and designers. The décor is youthful and modern with colorful murals by Finnish artists bringing color to the interiors. Bröd, the hotel’s restaurant, is very popular amongst locals and serves a fusion of Nordic and European cuisine with bread being a central element of all meals. The surrounding area of is one of Helsinki’s hippest and most fashion-forward neighborhoods and offers excellent dining, shopping and nightlife options.

Bulevardi 26, 00120 Helsinki, Finland. Standard rooms start at around 170€/night.

5. Lilla Roberts

Art Deco and Nordic design meet the Lilla Roberts to create a dark and chic atmosphere with plenty of velvet, gold and leather. The hotel exudes old school elegance and glamour with sober contemporary pieces keeping things grounded and tasteful while details such as orchids, elephant lamps, animal patterns and a life-sized horse sculpture/lamp in the lobby add an unexpected touch of the exotic. Rooms are beautifully decorated with rich textures and materials and look every bit as luxurious as the rest of the hotel. Although super stylish, the Lilla Roberts is still very warm and approachable and strives to convey Hygge, a Nordic idea describing a feeling of familiarity, warmth and comfort.

Lilla Robertsgatan 1-3, 00130 Helsingfors, Finland. Comfort rooms start at 177€/night.

6. Scandic Passi

The space in which the Scandic Paasi stands has been previously occupied by a wallpaper factory and later on a circus. To honor that spirit, the Scandic was given a circus theme and covered with plenty of crazy wallpaper. Jewel tones of burgundy, purple and blue dominate the palette while geometric and stripe patterns cover the floors, furnishings and ceilings. Deluxe rooms and suites are decorated after different circus tricks and performers such as The Juggler and the wallpapers feature silhouettes of clowns, dancers and animals. Still, don’t expect any of the décor to go even a step overboard; you are in Finland, after all, and all the wildness is kept firmly restrained.

Paasivuorigatan 5, 00530 Helsingfors, Finland. Standard rooms start at around 110€/night

7. Hotel Haven

With three adjoining restaurants and just a few steps of the Old Market Hall this small hotel is a foodie’s paradise. The neighboring Havis restaurant, offering a seafood-centric menu, is one of Helsinki’s best, while the dark and cozy Haven Bar features an extensive selection of rums and whiskeys. The hotel’s common areas have a classic, warm look complete with checkered marble floors, fireplaces and plush armchairs while rooms feature a muted palette with elegant textiles and furnishings. The hotel sits right in Helsinki’s harbor and many of its rooms offer great views of the city’s waterfront.

Unionsgatan 17, 00130 Helsingfors, Finland. Comfort rooms start at approximately 160€/night.

8. Glo Art

Housed in an Art Noveau-style castle, the Glo Art has the look of an eclectic country manor that has been somehow transported into Helsinki’s Design District. Upon entrance, you’ll be greeted by an impressive vaulted ceiling with traditional patterns running all around its arches. Warm colors, arabesque carpeting and animal skins give common areas an antique luxury feeling while super modern Scandi-style chairs add a youthful touch. Don’t expect to find haunted-manor-style accommodations here: all bedrooms are spanking new and designed to look every bit of sleek, modern and minimalistic you’ll expect to find in a city such as Helsinki.

Lönnrotinkatu 29, 00180 Helsinki, Finland. Standard rooms start at around 94€/night