Best Hotels in Copenhagen

We Rank The Best Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the most fun of the three Scandinavian capitals: its culinary scene is world-famous, the nightlife is raucous and the city’s compact size ensures that you’re never more than a short bike ride away from anywhere. The city is laid-back and cool, not swanky and glamorous. Expect accommodations to be in small boutique hotels with warm and friendly service that is never formal or over-the-top.

1. Nimb Hotel

nimb hotel - best copenhagen hotels
Streetside, the Nimb looks just like any other hotel with only an Islamic-style pattern in light grey over a white background hinting at what lies on the other side: an illuminated Moorish-style story-book castle overlooking Tivoli Gardens. This “gourmet palace” has been at the center of Copenhagen’s food scene for more than one hundred years and continues with that tradition today with six restaurants, one of which has received a Michelin star, showcasing some of the city’s best and most creative talents in the kitchen. The restaurants offer a selection of Nordic and French cuisine and even include a gourmet sausage stand in honor of the hotel’s location inside an amusement park. Each one of the hotel’s 17 rooms has been uniquely designed and all but one have views of the glittering Tivoli Gardens below. All whimsy is left at the door, however, and the interiors are chic, grown-up and elegant with only a few details in the rooms and common spaces referencing the fantastic theme outside.

Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577 København, Denmark. Deluxe double rooms start at 3.600 DKK/night.

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2. Avenue Hotel

The Avenue is a boutique hotel that caters to the modern traveler’s desire to experience places as a local. The food is organic and locally sourced, furnishings are from Danish designers and the photos hanging on the walls are from local instagrammers. The interior is fun, chic and warm with Missoni bedspreads bringing color and movement to the bedrooms. Although you’re not exactly next door to Strøget or Tivoli Gardens, you’re never really that far away from anything in Copenhagen. To get around take one of the hotels bikes and do as good Danes do: pedal all over the city while wearing your coolest duds.

Åboulevard 29, 1960 Frederiksberg C, Denmark Standard double rooms start at around 930 DKK/night.

3. Hotel SP34

SP34 is tucked away in an intimate street near Copenhagen University and a few blocks behind Strøget in an area commonly known as the “Latin Quarter”. The narrow cobblestone streets of the Latin Quarter are lined with tiny restaurants and cafés teeming with students and university personnel where you can sit and watch cool young ones walk or whoosh by in their bikes. In tune with its surroundings the hotel, although upscale, is very modest. The interior is clean and simple with a combination of contemporary and mid-century modern Danish pieces and a sober palette of whites, greys and wooden tones. One of the hotel’s restaurants, Work in Progress, is a Spanish tapas bar managed by COFOCO, a local company that focuses on offering high-quality dining experiences at accessible prices and that is behind of some of Copenhagen’s best eateries. The hotel strives to maintain a social and convivial atmosphere by offering a “Wine Hour” every day in which guests can mingle over a glass of red and get to know each other.

Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København, Denmark. Standard rooms start at 995 DKK/night

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4. Admiral Hotel

The Admiral occupies a building that was formerly a warehouse for a shipping company located in between Nyhavn and the Royal Palace. The hotel’s theme is nautical with shades of blues, whites and greys and exposed wooden beams setting the atmosphere. Model ships and other items from the Danish naval museum are exhibited in the lobby and, just in case you forgot you’re in a nation made its bones from seafaring, a vintage wooden ship is parked in the canal in front of the hotel during the summer months.

Toldbodgade 24-28, 1253 København K, Denmark. Double rooms start at 990 DKK/night.

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5. Bella Sky

Stepping into the Bella Sky might make you feel as if you’re boarding a space ship. Super sleek, white and minimal with a few organic touches to keep it from looking sterile, the hotel looks and feels everything that you’d expect the year 3000 to look and feel like. At 800-plus rooms strong, the Bella Sky is one of the largest hotels in Scandinavia. Located in the outskirts of Copenhagen and built with views of the nearby Amager beach and park in mind, it encompasses cutting-edge Scandinavian design without straying too far from nature.

Center Boulevard 5, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark. Rates from 443 DKK/night

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6. Hotel Alexandra

An ode to mid-century modern, the Alexandra is furnished with a gigantic collection of vintage Danish-designed pieces from the 50’s and 60’s. Expect funky shapes and colors and many, many cool chairs in this mid-century modern time capsule. There is a suite paying homage to the 70’s with tons of wooden colors and another one decorated with pieces from designer Verner Pantone in bright oranges, blues and reds. The hotel’s adjacent restaurant Lêlê, is one of Copenhagen’s best choices for simple and fresh Vietnamese food.

H. C. Andersens Blvd. 8, 1553 København V, Denmark. Single rooms start at 840 DKK/night.

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7. CPH Living

CPH living is a bare bones boat hotel on the Christianshavn side of the Copenhagen port with no restaurant, no spa and minimal service. The main attraction here are amazing views of the waterfront you’ll get from the floor-to-ceiling windows in your bedroom. All 12 rooms look towards the harbor and the peaceful and clean décor are sure to inspire many hours of lounging around while watching the world pass by. Christianshavn is a residential area to south of the city center it’s filled with canals, cafés and restaurants. It has very bohemian vibe thanks in part to Freetown Christiania, a self-governing neighborhood that started out as a community of squatters and has developed into one of the city’s most fun attractions.

Langebrogade 1C, 1411 København K, Denmark (+45 61 60 85 46)

Ibsens Hotel

Surrounded by the many bars, restaurants, shops and galleries of Nansegade, the Ibsens sits in an area that offers all the quirks, fun and cool of Copenhagen. It aims to include the people and businesses of the surrounding neighborhood in the life of the hotel by hiring artists and professionals from the community to contribute to the hotels design and services. As a result, the décor is an eclectic mix of classic Danish-designed pieces splashed with a few salvaged antiquities, colorful art and plenty of second-hand books.

Vendersgade 23, 1363 København, Denmark. Single rooms start at 895 DKK/night.

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