About Holiday City Scan

Our Story:

We started this site after a vacation to the Nordic countries and Scotland some time way back in 2015.

It was a grand adventure. But you know what we had trouble with? Finding information on new and unique hotels from in and around the Nordic countries.

While Norway and Sweden frequently rank in the top 3 for most beautiful countries, a lot of people are scared away from them because they think that everything is incredibly expensive year due to social policies.

Now, we’re a travel blog, and definitely not a political one, so we’re not debating the merits of any political system over another. But we’ve found that Norway, Sweden and Finland tend to be pricier in terms of restaurants and hotels than most of the United States’ average prices.

However, they are very comparable to what you would spend in Hawaii, and areas of Los Angeles like Malibu or Santa Monica. And they are much more affordable than what you would spend if you vacationed in Manhattan!