Best Hotels in Oslo

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A person’s hotel preferences can vary from day to day. Sometimes you want the best hotel money can buy. Other times, you get the best you can with a Hotwire promo code and just hope you get something you can sleep on. But when you travel to Oslo, Norway, it’s worth paying extra just for the beautiful architecture.

Well on its way into becoming one of Europe‚Äôs major cultural hubs, Oslo is a world-class city …

Best Hotels in Norway

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We Rank The Best Norwegian Hotels.

Communion with nature is an essential part of the Norwegian identity and with good reason: the country occupies one of the most spectacular, scenic and unspoiled pieces of land in the planet. People in Norway favor rustic accommodations in bucolic settings over luxurious retreats and it is very common for families to own cottages in the countryside or in the mountains. Most hotel accommodations Norway reflect these ideals and …