Best Hotels in Sweden – Plus a Coupon Code!

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A Coupon Code For Swedish Hotels:

Even though Swedish hotels will cost more than your average European stay, you can use coupon codes from to save around 40% off the regular price. You can also use the currency converter located in the sidebar to figure out the true cost of Swedish hotel stays in your local currency. coupon code

The Top Swedish Hotels Ranked.

Sweden is a land of many different faces that allows for …

Log Cabin Holidays in Scotland


The draw of major UK cities like London, Edinburgh and Belfast don’t appeal to everybody, and retreating to the countrysides of the United Kingdom has always been a classic traveling option for those seeking wholesome, nature-filled peace and quiet.


Nestled away in the fields and woods of Scotland are log cabins that epitomize the ambiance of a relaxing, secluded holiday. Whether you’re planning your next hiking or fishing trip, or are simply looking to escape

Crystal Plaza Hotel: A Profile


An Historic Hotel on a Budget.

The Crystal Plaza is a clean and welcoming no-frills hotel with a great location right between Östermalm and Norrmalm in Birger Jarlsgatan. The area, better known as Stureplan, is Stockholm’s main shopping and nightlife hub where you’ll find some of the city’s best shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s an upscale and exciting neighborhood and, although it doesn’t have many tourist attractions asides from shopping, clubs and dining, …

Best Hotels in Oslo

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A person’s hotel preferences can vary from day to day. Sometimes you want the best hotel money can buy. Other times, you get the best you can with a Hotwire promo code and just hope you get something you can sleep on. But when you travel to Oslo, Norway, it’s worth paying extra just for the beautiful architecture.

Well on its way into becoming one of Europe’s major cultural hubs, Oslo is a world-class city …

Best Hotels in Stockholm

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The Top Stockholm Hotels Ranked.

Stockholm is a city of impeccable taste. Nowhere else will you find fashion, art, food, music and architecture brought to such high levels and paired at the same time with the casual, modest and self-deprecating attitude that is the hallmark of Swedes. Here the old truly coexists with the new: ultra-modern interiors are housed in colorful and baroque historical buildings and the city embraces the latest and most forward ideas …

Best Hotels in Helsinki

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We Rank The Top Helsinki Hotels.

The meteoric rise of the tech industry coupled with forward-thinking social policies have turned Finland into one of the world’s smartest and most advanced countries and Helsinki into one of Europe’s coolest capitals. Once a drab and grey place, Helsinki now stands at the cutting edge of technology, art and design while staying true to its historical identity. In a place whose cultural life revolves around the arts, expect …

Best Hotels in Denmark

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Our Top Picks For Hotels in Denmark.

Although not a well-known seaside holiday destination, Denmark is home to some of the best beaches in Europe with plenty of sandy stretches for you to lay your towel or chair in and soak up some serious rays. With a mostly flat landscape dominated by sandy beaches in the coasts and lush forests in the central areas and summers with more light and warmth than Sweden or Norway, …

Best Hotels in Copenhagen

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We Rank The Best Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the most fun of the three Scandinavian capitals: its culinary scene is world-famous, the nightlife is raucous and the city’s compact size ensures that you’re never more than a short bike ride away from anywhere. The city is laid-back and cool, not swanky and glamorous. Expect accommodations to be in small boutique hotels with warm and friendly service that is never formal or over-the-top.

1. Nimb

Best Hotels in Norway

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We Rank The Best Norwegian Hotels.

Communion with nature is an essential part of the Norwegian identity and with good reason: the country occupies one of the most spectacular, scenic and unspoiled pieces of land in the planet. People in Norway favor rustic accommodations in bucolic settings over luxurious retreats and it is very common for families to own cottages in the countryside or in the mountains. Most hotel accommodations Norway reflect these ideals and …